Location – Nuwara Eliya 2 kilometers

Jungle Treks

Let some activity do good to you, and what better way than trekking on the fresh uneven grounds, weaving your way through the tall greens. If you are interested let us know and we will arrange them to you before you can even say “I want to go trekking”

Distance from avian breeze – 1.5 kilometers

Location – Nuwara Eliya 2 kilometers


Craving for a good old hike? Breathe in the fresh air as you hike and trek through variety of hiking and trekking routes and be enthralled as your backdrop changes to jungles, paddy fields, lush waterfalls and many more...

Distance from avian breeze – 2 kilometers

Location – Nuwara Eliya 2 kilometers


Mood for cycling is inevitable if you have seen the trail that is built to make a person sit on a bicycle seat. Come to Avian Breeze and spend your hours of relaxation in the brink of happiness.

Distance from avian breeze – 2 kilometers

Location – Nuwara Eliya 3 kilometers

River Fishing

The good old habits die hard why halt it, just cause you are away from home? Take the fishing rod and challenge yourself whether you can catch the extremely athletic fish of Avian Breeze.

Distance from avian breeze – 3 kilometers

Location – Nuwara Eliya 1 kilometers

Bird Watching

Unimaginable colors of nature, combines with the unimaginable melodies of the natural world. The native birds that are nestled on top of the surrounding tree tops take you on a reflective journey on the amazing order of the world which we have forgotten over the files that are stacked on top of our table.

Distance from avian breeze – 1 kilometers