Tour Duration - 07 Hours 28.2 kilometers

Hortan Plains Safari

Get on to the Jeep and let’s safari around the beautiful Horton plains of central highlands where rich biodiversity, beautiful locations such as World’s end, Baker's Falls and the most popular Horton Plains National Park awaits your presence.

Distance from avian breeze – 28.2 kilometers

Tour Duration - 04 Hours 5 kilometers

City Tour

Best way to spend a holiday is to find new opportunities where you are able to open your mind for fresh concepts that would lead you out of the thinking box where you are trapped in. Therefore we have found the best solution for you. Join our City Tour where we will guide you through Nuwara Eliya, to introduce yourself to the calm presence of the crystal clear Gregory Lake, the amazing Seetha-Amman Kovil and to the amazing contented life styles of the locals.

Distance from avian breeze – 5 kilometers


  • Visiting Seetha-Amman Kovil
  • Boat Ride at Gregory Lake
  • Horse Riding

Water Falls & Tea Factory Visit

When the heavens open and pour out blessings we experience showers that give life to all the living things. And when rains falls down on the highlands and enrich springs it gives birth to beautiful cascades of hill country. So don’t you want to see the fountain pure mass of water that falls down like a bridal veil? Reserve yourself for our Water Falls and Tea Factory visit tour package, where we take you on a journey through the Sri Lanka’s beautiful waterfalls and how a tea leaf is converted to a reviving brew of cup of tea.

Distance from avian breeze – 27.3 kilometers


  • Visiting St. Clair Water fall, Ramboda Falls and Devon Water fall
  • Tour around the Labookellie tea factory
  • Tour around the city
Tour Package 3.1 Duration - 06 Hours
  • Visit to the Tea factory, St. Clair Water Fall and Devon Water Fall
Tour Package 3.2 Duration - 05 Hours
  • Visit to the Labukule Tea Factory, Ramboda Falls and Tour around the city

Tour Duration - 06 Hours 4.1 kilometers

Hakgala Botanical Garden & Seetha Amman Kovil

If you are looking to relax and stretch about your limbs contact one of the authorised personals of Avian Breeze right now, to enrol you to this package right away. Because this package will take you to breathtaking destinations, where Mother Nature and Human hands have worked together to make beautiful sights to delight our senses.

Distance from avian breeze – 4.1 kilometers


  • Visiting Hakgala Botanical Gardens, Seetha Amman Kovil,
    New Zealand Farm and Ambewela highland factory

Tour Duration - 08 Hours 28.2 kilometers

Hortan Plains & Hakgala Gardens

Are you a nature buff, who cannot wait to see green trees and different kind of animals in their comfort zones? Well then you are eyeing at the correct option. Step out of the Avian Breeze territory and go see the wonders beyond the boundary. We will guide you through the inventive vegetation patterns in Hakgala Gardens, which are been laid by the Kings of Sri Lanka and also through the wild trails of Horton Plains where few of the Nature’s best features prepares to grace your vision.

Distance from avian breeze – 28.2 kilometers


  • Visiting Hakgala Botanical Gardens and Hortain Plains

Tour Duration - 08 Hours 39.6 kilometers

Haputale Edison Bungalow & Lipton Seat

Spend 08 hours observing the lush environment around the hill capital of Sri Lanka. The very famous Lipton Seat which was the look-out point of legendary Sir Thomas Lipton for surveying the surrounding region of his tea plantations, the magnificent Haputale Edison Bunglow, the energy filled Polo ground and a tour on Diyathalawa, Bandarawela cities will occupy you in a blissful journey that creates memories for a life time.

Distance from avian breeze – 39.6 kilometers


  • Visiting Haputale Edison Bunglow, Famous Lipton seat, polo ground, Diyathalawa,

Tour Duration - 10 Hours 39.6 kilometers

Edison Bungalow, Bambara Kanda Falls & Diyaluma Falls

Collection of handpicked beautiful falls and tour on the renowned Haputale Edison bungalow is enclosed in this 10 hour package. Come there’s more to Sri Lanka than you think. The rich heritage the beautiful erections backed by a history of mystery, beautiful sceneries and many more must see’s are lined up to be picked by you. So let’s start tourism on Nuwara Eliya area by this package.

Distance from avian breeze – 39.6 kilometers


  • Visiting Haputale Edison Bunglow, Diyaluma falls, Rawana Ella, Bandarawela and Nuwara Eliya

Tour Duration - 04 Hours 3.2 kilometers

Katumana Shanthipura, Single Tree & Gregory

Dip your toes in the calm ripples of the Gregory Lake and experience the beauty that is plentiful at Katumana, Shanthipura and at Single Tree. 04 hours that will make you relax,
04 hours that will attune you to the rhythms of Mother Nature, 04 hours where you can be exactly who you are. Enrol now for this package and experience the happiness of Avian Specials.

Distance from avian breeze – 3.2 kilometers


  • Visiting Katumana, Shanthipura, Single Tree and Gregory Lake

Tour Duration - 03 Days 47.1 kilometers

Tea Plantation Visit

Ever wondered how a tiny tea leaf can be so powerful that it can revive yourself? We’ll answer all your questions taking you on a tour from the beginning of plucking the tea leaf unto the very moment of brewing that rejuvenating cup of tea that every individual all over the world loves to enjoy.

Day - 01


  • Tea Estate Visit, Nursery & New Clearing @ Watawala Plantation Thalawakele
Day - 02


  • Plucking @ Boralanda Tea Factory & High Forest
Day - 03


  • Manufacture & factory Visit @ Labookellie & Ramboda