Our Hotel

With humble beginnings in the year 2009 a uniquely furnished edifice was erected among the green carpeted tea plantations that is overlooking the far beyond Blue Peaks. The impeccably furnished place of abode was named as 'Avian Breeze' after considering its beautiful location and the feather light feeling that every guest experience during their stay.

Our naturally glammed up strong existence is heightened due to its uniquely designed 11 rooms sharpening the best of Mother Nature's irresistible features. Together with the plush setting and the most appealing state of the art modern day amenities, we always try to let our most valued lodger be attuned to the unnoticed majesty of the surrounding nature in his/her own comfort zone.

This is a place to revive your-self, seek the meaning of life and tap into the green life which we are all belong to.